Museum in Regions

In 2019, the GULAG History Museum and the Memory Fund launched its educational program in Russian cities.

Exhibitions, film screenings, performance, and workshops have been held in Ulyanovsk, Arkhangelsk, Norilsk, and Syktyvkar during this year. Based on the guidelines stated in the Vision of the state policy related to the perpetuation of the memory of victims of the political repression, the project aims at spreading the knowledge of the history of the repression and keeping the memory of its victims.
The Director of the GULAG History Museum Roman Romanov says, “Subdivisions of the network of camps were situated in every region of the RSFSR and all the republics of the Soviet Union. GULAG’s prisoners built not only factories, canals, roads, and dams but also the entire cities like Norilsk, Magadan, Vorkuta, Salekhard, Komsomolsk, Nakhodka, Bratsk, and many others. Unfortunately, the modern young generation has superficial knowledge about this period, and not everyone has a chance to visit the GULAG History Museum in Moscow. Therefore, the Museum steps outside and starts organizing events all over Russia.”