We unite to preserve the memory of victims of political repression.

GULAG’s subdivisions were situated in every region of the RSFSR and all republics of the Soviet Union. Nowadays leftovers of the GULAG can be found all over the country – factories, mines, roads, canals, power stations, and even the entire cities. The repression left an indelible imprint in the hearts of those who went through them.

In October 2015, the State GULAG History Museum supported by experts’ involvement established the Association of the Memory Museums in Russia. By the present moment, the Association unites 32 museums from 27 Russian cities. Together we collect evidence and vestiges of the GULAG epoch to understand the scale of the tragedy. And by telling about it in the museums all over the country, we give visitors a chance to clarify the history for themselves and form their own point of view.

The Association helps its participants exchange experience, unite in order to coordinate research and educational activities and establish cooperation between museums implementing their joint projects. The Association is open for both state and non-governmental organizations as well as individuals.