Memory Garden

The Memory Garden is created on the territory near the Museum. It is a place for walking and reflecting, the space that is usually needed after the difficult topic of the GULAG’s history.

Trees, stones, and bushes were brought from places related to the GULAG’s history or planted by victims of the mass repression and represent the memorial part of the Garden.

On the territory of the Museum, one can see larch trees from Magadan Oblast as well as maple, a lime tree, an oak, and a rowan tree from the former Kommunarka place of execution. Sergey Korolyov’s daughter planted a tree from the former places of his incarceration in Yoshkar-Ola.

There is also a pavilion for exhibitions and other events in the Memory Garden. The prototype of the pavilion was a board hangar built in 1925 for the only camp seaplane on Solovki.

In the Garden there is a high guard tower from the former camp "Dneprovsky" in the Magadan region.

The Garden space is a venue for artistic and memorial practices aimed at understanding the topic of mass repression. Specially created street sculptures and installations are placed here, large-scale projects related to the history of the GULAG are implemented.