Дожди истории

Rains of History

The street artwork includes 10 portraits of famous cultural figures who endured the political repressions. On the wall next to the Museum are Nikolai Gumilev, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Boris Pilnyak, Osip Mandel’stam, Alexander Vvedensky, Pavel Florensky, Gustav Shpet, Nikolai Klyuyev, Mikhail Kol’tsov, Daniil Kharms.

The unusual technique of project enables portraits to appear when wet. The author of oeuvre is a famous street artist from Moscow Zoom (@zoomstreetart). In his works, he uses folk symbols, seeking to connect with the consciousness of a modern citizen. The title of the project fulfills a symbolic function. According to Zoom, it refers to the tears of grief under ruthless streams of time which is capable of destroying stone pyramids, the state, and fragile destinies of people.

As Zoom remarks, “Rains and epochs of history are different. There are those that wash away the brightest and most talented people, as well as fruitful rains that wash away the dust of oblivion. I hope our chemical experiment, in the frame of which people could make portraits visible simply wetting the wall, will help them to become not only passive spectators but also participants in our active memory.”