The Documentation Center is a space in the GULAG History Museum where each visitor may explore the literature on the GULAG history and learn how to search for information about victims of the repression.

Those wishing to browse literature may use the catalog of the Museum’s library that has the extensive book collection on the history of the repression.

The Documentation Center consults on the search for information about the repressed relatives. The staff of the Documentation Center gives guidance on the required documents and helps write and submit requests to state archives and archives of particular institutions.

During personal or public consultations, specialists of the Documentation Center explain how to work with databases of victims and archival documents as well as how to launch the rehabilitation process for a relative.


Library catalog

The Scientific Library of the GULAG History Museum holds a book collection dedicated to the research of the GULAG topic and the repression in the USSR as well as the history of the Soviet times. You can browse the PDF version of the catalog to explore the list of the library's books and publications.

Catalog, PDF

Museum's artifacts

In the Documentation Center, one may look through the digitalized collection of the Museum – photos of exhibits and their descriptions.

Archive of My GULAG

The Center has an archive of video interviews with people whose lives were influenced by the repression and the GULAG system.