We will treasure the memory

The Museum gratefully accepts photographs, memoirs, letters, documents, and personal belongings of the repressed as well as camp artifacts. If you or your family members were affected by the repression of the Stalinist times and you don’t want to have the memories of that events pass into oblivion, please email us: StadinchukAD@culture.mos.ru

Accounts of participants of events and their relatives are of no less importance.

The Museum’s staff records interviews of camp prisoners, members of their families, employees of the GULAG system as well as those who got to know of the GULAG via documents, personal things, family memoirs, and archival materials.

The Museum formulated guidelines for shooting an interview on your own. If you shot or recorded an interview, please attach a link to this material in your filled form together with the request for passing on documents and items.

Please, email us to pass your items on to the Museum: StadinchukAD@culture.mos.ru