Tickets are available online only

26 october 2020
Tickets are available online only
The new regulations for selling tickets were introduced according to Order On Amendments to Decrees issued by the Moscow mayor as of 05 March 2020 № 12-UM and 08 June 2020 № 68-UM.

Now, entry tickets to Moscow museums can be bought online only. Please, get your ticket to the GULAG History Museum at our website or ask the cashier for assistance.

Buying a ticket requires filling in your personal data: full name, date of birth, email, and mobile number. The Museum neither collects nor processes your personal data. The ticket operator transmits them directly to the executive authorities of Moscow.

You must also tick 4 boxes: you are under 65 years old; you have no illnesses requiring self-isolation; the coronavirus is not suspected in you and you have no symptoms of any acute respiratory viral infection; you didn’t contact those who were diagnosed with the coronavirus infection.

Stay safe and protect others, 
The GULAG History Museum