The Museum held the exhibition dedicated to the "Doctors' plot"

4 july 2024
The Museum held the exhibition dedicated to the "Doctors' plot"
The exhibition lasted from April 4 to June 30 and was dedicated to the events of 1950–1953, when at the end of the Stalin's regime the Soviet government with Stalin's personal participation fabricated and launched a criminal case against a group of doctors accused of murder of several Soviet leaders.

The "doctors' plot" became the last repressive propaganda process of the Stalin era and included all the most absurd forms of accusation, inhumane investigative methods, psychological pressure and physical torture.

The exhibition represented photos and documents, professional tools, personal belongings and notes of interrogations. Media publications and letters from Soviet citizens illustrated the public mood after the accusation and then after the full rehabilitation of doctors.

The curator of the exhibition: Polina Mogilina, art critic, leading curator of the Triumph Gallery.

Scientific consultant: Tatyana Polyanskaya, senior researcher at the GULAG History Museum.

The curator of the grant competition: Anatoly Golubovsky, historian and sociologist.

The project won the IV competition of museum and exhibition grants organized by the Russian Jewish Congress.