Atlas of the GULAG is available in English

12 august 2019
Atlas of the GULAG is available in English
The GULAG History Museum, with the support of Memory Fund, published an English version of the Atlas of the GULAG: an illustrated history.

This book is based upon multiple sources about the GULAG: academic research, archival documents, ego-documents, photographs, museum exhibits, which are material evidence of the repression epoch.

As the director of the GULAG History Museum Roman Romanov remarks, «Such a book was missing for many years. Now for the first time written in an accessible language, Atlas of the GULAG will interest both the ones who have just encountered the theme of repression and those who would like to fill the gaps in chronology. It will help to understand economics and topography of the GULAG, living conditions, and survival strategies in camps, processes of rehabilitation, and the state of cultural memory about the GULAG today».

The book is available in the GULAG History Museum store.