Evfrosinya Kersnovskaya. The Worth of a Human

15 september – 15 november
Admission Ticket Price ₽
Museum of History of Izobilnyi District
Lenina st., 63

Evfrosinya Antonovna Kersnovskaya lived in Bessarabia until 1940. After the annexation of this territory to the newly established Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, Kersnovskaya was considered a former landlady and deported to a special settlement in the Narym District (Western Siberia) where she was subject to forced labor.

Kersnovskaya constantly expressed dissent against the NKVD (People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs) and escaped from exile in 1942. Several months after her escape, she was detained and arrested. In 1943, Evfrosinya Kersnovskaya was accused of this escape and sentenced to 10 years in corrective-labor camps. During these years she worked as a builder, a barrel maker, and a veterinary at a pig farm as well as performed many other kinds of hard labor. In the Norilsky ITL (corrective-labor camp), Evfrosinya managed to start working as a nurse in the camp hospital but later she was sent to work in a mine. After her release, she wrote memoirs comprised of 12 notebooks containing 700 drawings that depicted life and death in camps and special settlements.

The exhibition is supported by the project called “E. Kersnovskaya. The Worth of a Human”, www.gulag.su